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Oct 28, 2012 4:30am PDT
from for profits? and with small business saturday coming up, a look at how local businesses in austin, texas, are working together with local growers to get customers to shop small. on every one of our cards there's a date. a reminder... that before this date, we have to exceed expectations. we have to find new ways to help make life easier, more convenient and more rewarding. it's the reason why we don't have costumers. we have members. american express. welcome in. >>> here's someone from whenever someone would turn in their project, she would say, are you sure this is done? if it is, turn it into me. it set a tone. it said to people, i don't accept any slackers here. and also people loved working with her because she set the bar high and helped people reach it. so "it's your business" tip number 69, set expectations high from the start. small business saturday is coming up on november 24th. as many of you know, it's a day dedicated to getting consumers to forego the big box stores and shop small. nowhere is the buy local movement greater than the progressive city of au
Oct 6, 2012 2:30am PDT
. dawn is a local accountant that specializes in quick books financial software. >> give dawn a sense of how you're doing your accounting now. >> i'm not really. >> how do you track stuff? >> i don't. i have money coming in and i pay my bills and see what's in my business checking account. that's about it. >> now you're starting to blow my mind. >> how do you track your taxes. >> i pay my sales tax but for my 2011 taxes, i just guessed. >> you guessed? >> guestimated an amount. >> i think i guessed high. >> that's a technical foul, we call it. >> let's go look at the books. >> show us where they are. literally. i want to see it. >> this is the office? >> yes. >> this is where it all happens. i'm glad to see you have accounting records. >> those aren't mine. that's the previous business owner. >> okay. >> these are mine right here. >> all right. it looks like you followed their system. >> they headed back upstairs where dawn got erica started on a quickbooks account. >> hit finish. >> all right. >> now we've created the bank account. >> be brutally honest with me. erica is upstairs. >>
Oct 21, 2012 4:30am PDT
the local newspaper or magazine and there's the ad. you feel good about it. there are ways. there are magazines. if you hint that you are willing to advertise more, you can ask them to perform a special survey of the readers to see if they recalled your ad, they do a post and after publication. if you want to know, you have to put a code in. have an 800 number or some kind of thing. there has to be a code to track it. otherwise, you don't know. there's no way. >> is there any place, brian, for small businesses where you can track every dollar and see your return on it. if you don't have a big budget, should you spend any money on traditional media? >> i wouldn't. i'm a wayne gretzky fan and there's a famous quote, why, wayne, are you so much better than the other hockey players. i skate where the puck is going. everyone else skates where the puck is. that's the case with marketing. the reason print business is shrinking, it's hard to track it. i think of my dad versus myself. my dad read a lot of newspapers and magazines, got a lot of mail every day. i don't do that. i'm on
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)